How do I qualify for these benefits?

You will need to use the Preferred Moves® team of service partners and enroll with your Preferred Moves® coordinator prior to making contact with a realtor, lender or moving service provider.

When do I receive my rewards and discounts?

  • Real Estate Services - You will receive a check for your cash back reward within 30 days of settlement.
  • Financial Services - The reduced lender fees will be given at settlement.
  • Moving & Mail Services - Once the services are rendered. The appropriate discounts will be applied to your bill.

Does it cost me anything to enroll?


When can I use my benefits?


How often can I use my benefits?

As often as you like

Do these benefits only apply to my primary residence?

No, you can use these benefits on second/vacation home, investment properties or land.

Who can use these benefits?

Anyone who is an employee of your company or their families.

May I use my own Realtor?

We understand that some people already have a great relationship with an agent. Send your agent's contact information to your Preferred Moves® coordinator right away. Your coordinator will contact your agent to see if she/he would like to participate as a Preferred Moves® agent. If they are willing to subscribe to the business rules that we expect of our agents, we will be happy to include them.

Do these benefits expire?

Not as long as your company continues to offer the program and has a valid contract with Coldwell Banker Preferred.

Can I enroll even if I am not ready to sell or purchase a home?

Absolutely! Most people will research the housing market for about 7 months before they decide to work with an agent. Our Preferred Moves® coordinator will be an invaluable resource.

You may want to use your financial services benefit to refinance your current home or get a home equity loan to do some renovations. Our lender will assist you with all your financing needs and our Home Services Program will enable you to select a contractor to do the work!

Question not answered?

If you have any questions, click here to e-mail your Preferred Moves® coordinator or call toll free: 800-396-0960