Home Warranty Services

Preferred Moves® understands that covering major home systems and appliances with a Home Protection Plan can help make buying or selling a home a more rewarding and less stressful experience. A home warranty is a one year service contract for the major operating systems and appliances in a home that fail due to normal wear and tear.


For Buyers, a Coldwell Banker Home Protection PlanSM, issued by American Home Shield© offers:

  • Relief from unexpected breakdown of covered systems and appliances.
  • Repair solutions instead of repair stresses.
  • Expedited repair process on covered items.
  • Access to the American Home Shield network of qualified contractors.
  • Ease of service request either online or over the phone - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For Sellers, a Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan offers:

  • Heightened buyer confidence.
  • A great way to distinguish your property from other listings.
  • Assistance with post-sale issues of covered items.


Who We Are

Coldwell Banker ® Home Protection Plan

What is a home protection plan?
A Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan is a service contract which covers the repair or replacement of many home system components and appliances that break down over time.

Will I ever use it?
The average American Home Shield customer makes two service calls a year. More importantly, they typically choose to remain an American Home Shield customer by renewing their contract after the original home warranty coverage period ends. On one hand, there are no guarantees that you will use your plan. On the other hand, there is no limit to the number of service calls you can make. With a Home Protection Plan, when the oven goes on the fritz or the heater stops working, we’re there for you every step of the way.

Why us?
As the industry leader, American Home Shield has a solid reputation for reliability and follow-through. We also have a nationwide network of approved service contractors to handle your covered repair or replacement efficiently. As our core business, helping protect major home system components and appliances is what we do most – and what we do best.

Services Offered

Here's How a Coldwell Banker® Home Protection Plan Works:

1. When an item breaks down, first verify the item in question is covered. If it looks like your item should be covered in your plan, call our 24/7 customer service line toll-free at 866-797-4788 or visit ahs.com/pricing-and-plans/real-estate-plan/ to place a service request.

2. American Home Shield will assign a service contractor to handle your covered request. If you prefer, we can send email notifications on the progress of your service call.

3. A service contractor will schedule a time during normal business hours to diagnose and repair your covered problem. You will pay a low Trade Service Call Fee. This is a fee paid per service trade — plumber, electrician, etc.

4. Relax. The service contractor will then diagnose and repair your covered problem. American Home Shield may follow up with you by phone or email to hear about your experience.

To apply for a Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan, enroll in the Preferred Moves® Program.

How it Works

Upon enrollment, a Preferred Moves® coordinator will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your enrollment and get you started.

Once your enrollment has been confirmed by a Preferred Moves® coordinator, you will be contacted by American Home Shield within 24 hours to discuss your Home Warranty needs.

If you have any questions, click here to e-mail your Preferred Moves® coordinator or call toll free: 800-396-0960