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Who We Are

Our Professional Service, Your Personal Confidence!

Relocating Pets is a technical process that involves strong feelings. That's why choosing a relocation service for your pet is not only a matter of terms and prices, it's about confidence and trust. When you relocate your pet you don't just select a service, you hire a partner to take care of your beloved pet. is definitely your best partner in managing your pet's relocation process.  Based on extensive expertise and an unrivalled reputation, our dedicated team is focused on creating the most comfortable, safe & stress free environment possible.

We are well aware of the huge responsibility involved in the transportation and successful relocation of live animals. We know that pet relocation is much more than a technical procedure. That's why our dedicated and experienced team controls each and every aspect of your pet's transportation, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable process.

Based on extensive expertise and unrivalled reputation, our relocation solutions are directly related to a dedicated team, which reflects the highest standards of integrity and devotion. 

We provide a wide range of services, with a superior understanding of the unique needs of your pet.  With endless patience, affection and understanding, our teams will carefully and safely relocate your pet, so you can travel with full peace of mind.

We could sum up this page with one simple phrase, “We love what we do!”  We enjoy working with our customers and their pets.  To help with your decision process, we have listed a few reasons that make us who we are today!

  • Vast professional expertise, based on 40 years of live animal transportation. This is a significant advantage that enables us to offer unique and reliable services for any pet owner who loves their pet.
  • At, we understand how the pet relocation marketplace operates. We provide solutions that are always highly practical and usable, ensuring your satisfaction. Our in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience has been gained over many years, and hundreds of challenging client engagements. All the skills and knowledge you need are integrated in one, seamless firm.
  • We are well aware that safety is your #1 concern. Based on so many worldwide pet relocation projects, our specialists have extensive knowledge in flight safety. We know the safest ways to fly pets in varying temperatures, aircrafts and airlines. Moreover, has worked with different airlines to develop new, improved pet friendly flying environments.
  • Our agents have unique specializations for different regions of the world, with species-specific knowledge for some of the more challenging animals. This advantage ensures that the client speaks with an agent who is aware of the latest requirements for their assigned countries.
  • In-depth knowledge and proven capabilities in the relocation market. When you handle us your beloved pet, you are not looking for a technical solution. You want to make sure that the people who handle the transportation know exactly what they're doing and have full control over the entire process.
  • We provide personalized services. Our specialists are dedicated to your pet's safety and comfort and will work with you closely until the end of the relocation process.
  • Dr. Suzanne Solvin, DVM and practicing Veterinarian is part of our professional staff. Dr. Solvin is available 24/7 for consultation and assistance with all pet travel issues and can provide hands-on treatments whenever necessary.
  • is renowned for its cordial, supporting and patient customer service. We not only move pets, we serve people.

Services Offered

Relocating with a live animal can be a very time consuming process, because it requires meticulous timing, careful planning, obsessive attention to detail and a gift for logistics.

We are here to help you with this process and to make sure that the entire Door-to-Door relocation of your pet is handled with the utmost care, safety and attention possible.

We provide the full Door-to-Door Relocation of your pets, with basic services including:

  • Preparation and consultation of travel expectations & questions
  • Arranging pickup & delivery logistics at each required location
  • Arrangement of boarding and/or grooming services if needed
  • Assist in obtaining Health, Rabies and Travel Documents
  • Flight research and flight booking
  • Airport Handling and Pet Supervision
  • Assist with required travel kennel & its flight preparation
  • Handling of arrival & departure procedures 
  • Arrange for payment to airline, vet, kennel, pet carrier, etc.
  • Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations.
  • Compliance with all TSA Mandatory security measures.
  • Single point of contact for all your pet relocation needs. is renowned for its unparalleled relocation solutions. Our clients know that beyond the comprehensive and professional services we provide, actually gets attached to the pets it relocates, treating them as if they were our own.

Our services comprise an integrated solution, which handles the complete relocation needs of your pets, wherever, and whenever they must be transported.

What is our Service Area?

Whenever clients ask us what areas or locations we service, we reply - Your Area! services every major airport in the world!  We have yet to find a location, or a type of animal, that we cannot service.  Our company slogan is: Any Pet, Anywhere, Any Time...and we mean it!

Any Pet?  We have relocated some of the most interesting animals on the planet!  Dart Frogs from Switzerland, Dogs from Iraq & Afghanistan, Mosquitoes to Texas, Horses to Honduras, Cougars to Belgium and Koi Fish to Japan - just to name a few!  If you have a live animal and need it moved, we are your answer!

Anywhere?  We have yet to find any location in the world that we cannot service.  From the mountains of Siberia, the deserts of the Middle East, the villages of Asia and the rural counties in America - we can do it all! 

Any Time?  On September 11, 2005, successfully coordinated the massive relief effort dubbed "Operation Pet Lift" - This first operation successfully saved 80 dogs, all of who were homeless as a result of Hurricane Katrina. lead a group of talented individuals funded by Texas oil tycoon Boone Pickens and his wife, Madeleine. partnered with an airline company, to provide the Boeing 737 aircraft used in the rescue operation.

Operation Pet Lift departed from Baton Rouge, Louisiana with its first destination in San Diego, CA.  In San Diego, we unloaded 40 pets that were received by the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

After departing San Diego, the chartered craft then arrived into the San Francisco International Airport where we unloaded the remaining pets into the waiting arms of the Marin County SPCA.

Since this day, and Operation Pet Lift have helped in the successful relocation of more than 1,000 dogs from the Gulf Region.

How it Works

Handing over your beloved pet to a relocation company is not an easy thing to do. Being aware of the importance of this decision, we believe it's essential to explain the entire process, providing you with all the details and procedures involved in the relocation process. By exposing the entire relocation process we want to not only show you why we are your best option, but to strengthen your confidence that you're doing the right thing for your pet.

We take pride in arranging the full Door-to-Door relocation for your pets.  While some companies may assist with just booking the flights or advising their clients on the necessary documentation, we only offer an all-inclusive relocation that ensures safety and comfort for your pet and convenience and reliability for you!

Our Door-to-Door relocation process includes three main phases:

  • The Pre Relocation Arrangements,
  • The Physical Transportation
  • The Personal Delivery

Pre Relocation Arrangements

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the pond, the relocation process starts with a thorough consultation with a Pet Relocation Specialist. Our specialist will listen carefully to all your requests and will make the necessary arrangements for your pet’s relocation.

  • First, our specialists will explain the necessary rules, requirements and documentation need for your pet’s move.  All of our specialists are divided into teams that focus on your pet’s destination, so they are constantly updated and aware of every requirement.
  • We will then work with you on the available flight options, deciding which flight will be the safest and most convenient for your pet. If needed, we will order necessary travel crates, arrange boarding, grooming, and the respective veterinary services.
  • After working with you on the logistics and options available, we will then arrange the entire pet relocation process from Start to Finish!  You will then receive a full packet of information, pet shipping checklists, crate stickers, water dishes, travel itineraries, and more!

The Physical Transportation

On your pet’s big moving day our Pet Relocation Specialist will be there every step of the way, making sure that your pet is traveling safely to his new home.

  • One of our associates will arrive at your residence, or origin location, to pick up your pet. Because all paperwork is pre-arranged, your pet will immediately be taken to the airport for check-in, reducing travel time.
  • Upon arriving at the airport, your pet will be checked in for the flight. After the check in process is complete, your pet will wait its turn to board the plane, in a climate controlled area of the airport.
  • Just before takeoff, your pet will be transferred to the climate-controlled, pressurized plane, where it will have a safe & secure flight to its new destination. Our specialist will call you to confirm that your pet is safe and en route to their new home!

We continuously monitor the flights to check for any possible delays. Besides contacting us directly, our website also offers free flight tracking services, so that our customers can keep track of their pets at all times. In the event of a delayed or canceled flight, we will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure the most comfortable waiting environment for your pet.

Personal Delivery

As soon as your pet lands, our representative will immediately pick it up directly from the airline. We will be responsible for the check out procedure, customs clearance or any other services needed. We will then call you to advise your pet’s safe arrival and to coordinate the delivery to any pre-arranged address. Should your move require additional boarding on the receiving end, a Pet Relocation Specialist can gladly recommend a top-class facility and assist you with the arrangements.

If you have any questions, click here to e-mail your Preferred Moves® coordinator or call toll free: 800-396-0960