Temporary Housing


  • Residences that cater to individual needs, whether traveling with family, pets or by yourself.
  • Ability to personalize temporary housing, even setting the furniture to meet your tastes.
  • Extensive amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and access to fitness centers.
  • Numerous services available such as wireless Internet, video on demand, pet beds, and local recommendations.
  • Luxurious Elite Dreamer™ bedding
  • One dedicated service member contact and customer service 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Ease of billing through one monthly invoice.
  • Valuable Marriott Rewards® points (Membership required)

Marriott ExecuStay is the only corporate housing company that offers an international loyalty program – the Marriott Rewards® guest loyalty program – which rewards participating guests with Marriott Rewards points for every dollar spent on rent.  Marriott also offers regular promotions that award bonus points to guests and/or travel and relocation coordinators managing corporate accounts.  With over 2,600 participating hotels and almost 26 million members worldwide, the Marriott Rewards program has been named “Best Hotel Rewards Program” by the readers of Business Traveler, Global Traveler, Travel Savvy, Executive Travel and BusinessWeek magazines.  Marriott Rewards remains a favorite feature among regular guests.

Marriott ExecuStay knows you’re busy. So, everything can be arranged and ready within 48 hours, including a short-term Marriott hotel stay, if needed. It’s hassle-free temporary housing from start to finish.

Who we are:

Marriott ExecuStay has representatives in 45 regional offices throughout the US, and maintains over 6,000 apartments, townhouses and single-family homes.  Together with Marriott Executive Apartments® and over 2,800 other Marriott properties globally, Marriott ExecuStay is the only corporate housing company that can provide guest accommodations for any duration of time through its vast network of worldwide lodging accommodations.

Services Offered

Live Like a LocalSM

Long-term business travel, relocation and temporary projects are difficult for both travelers and travel/relocation/HR managers.  Individuals required to conduct a great deal of business travel may have a short tenure with a company if they cannot achieve a healthy work-life balance, which is accomplished when a person feels satisfied with both his or her personal life and job.  Knowing that workers, businesses, and society as a whole benefit when a individual’s personal life is balanced with his or her job, Marriott ExecuStay places great emphasis on creating opportunities for its guests to realize a positive work-life balance. 

The Live Like a LocalSM program places great emphasis on:

Personalized & Customized Services

Marriott ExecuStay believes that guests should feel as comfortable as possible in their temporary accommodations, and will work diligently to tailor guest experiences. In addition to unique décor and accommodations, for longer stays, upon request, an ExecuStay representative will hang a guest’s favorite painting or family photo; modify décor to meet individualized tastes by painting an accent wall in a guest’s favorite color; offer dedicated services for pet relocation; and even fulfill specific requests from employers looking to greet relocating associates in style. No matter what the request, Marriott ExecuStay always strives to create a unique and comfortable travel experience.

Providing Authentic Experiences

Corporate housing clients want to maximize their time so that when free hours do occur, they are able to use their “found” time as they wish.  Rather than feel like a tourist, today’s guest prefers to discover new, unique experiences. In short, guests desire to live life like a local resident, a need Marriott Execustay helps fulfill by providing guests with quick and access to some of the best restaurants and shops in town.  Marriott Execustay also provides detailed information on local activities like yoga and art classes, festivals, exhibits, and much more. 

Value & Convenience

Marriott’s presence in the global market allows it to provide the optimum in flexibility and housing solutions for business travel.  Travel/relocation coordinators, as well as individual travelers and their families, expect comfortable and affordable housing.  Marriott prides itself on offering highly competitive rates, and with an award-winning guest loyalty program for travelers and travel managers alike, ExecuStay guests are assured both value and convenience.

How it works:

Employees must enroll in the Preferred Moves® Program prior to making contact with a Marriott ExecuStay Representative.  Once your enrollment has been confirmed by a Preferred Moves® coordinator, you will be contacted by Marriott ExecuStay within 24 hours to discuss your housing needs.

If you have any questions, click here to e-mail your Preferred Moves® coordinator or call toll free: 800-396-0960